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Beautiful Quotes on Pictures for Reflections and Elevation- Grow your blog, fan page and build engagement by connecting with eye-catching images containing timeless reflections.

"By necessity, by proclivity, and by delight, we all quote"- Ralph Waldo Emerson


As a psychotherapist and yoga teacher, I see how powerful quotes are to elevate one's mood and support self-growth. Sometimes just one sentence can move someone out of anger into gratitude. Wisdom that is summarized in a short phrase can help us to see the humor in a situation and help us to gain insights.  

Quotes with pictures are often called "memes" and they are posted on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, personal websites, business blogs and other social media. They often go viral which means they are shared, liked and commented on by others. This helps you to engage friends, family members, customers and clients. On Facebook, your posts are in someone's newsfeed more if there is interactivity. Otherwise, your posts may not appear at all unless someone goes directly to your page. People respond to images and graphics. Text alone is often overlooked. Has your site or social media page active or has it stagnant?  

If you are an author, musician, yoga teacher, website owner, local shop owner, run a restaurant or are a business owner you'll find that posting quotes with pictures will help you to grow trust and connections. No one wants to be hammered by a sales message day after day, even if it's a discount. Instead it is much better to build a relationship with your visitors and to nourish that. But, have you ever spent over an hour just looking for a good quote? I have and that can effect your balance!

People often neglect their websites, blogs, Facebook postings and social media updates because coming up with content is hard. Some of my clients have told me they don't want to post something, if it is mediocre. Months then go by due to lack of time to compose something with depth that engages. Are you guilty of this? Quotes on graphics are a very good solution for this problem.  

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I spent a few weeks gathering inspirational quotes and having a friend put them on pictures which I bought the licenses and extended licenses foe in order to create this collection. These include quotes from Zen masters, Lao Tzu, authors such as Melville and Emerson, Greek sages including Epicetus, presidents and leaders and many wise people. They focus on dealing with adversity and challenges, ways to stay calm in the face of fear, how to see gratitude when you are ready to scream and ways to change your perspective. I read the quotes in my yoga classes and psychotherapy sessions. The quotes will make you think and they help to increase wisdom, compassion and focus on ways to let go and gain clarity.

If you try to regularly blog, post on Facebook or write articles, there is often a problem. It isn't easy to come up with engaging and meaningful content for conversations. I put together this package of quotes on pictures to alleviate this issue. You can schedule these a few times a week or even daily in Facebook, on your blog or use the quotes on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and lots of places. They can be put in an online newsletter . Did you know that Facebook doesn't show what you post to most of your fans or friends? But, if there is interaction, liking and sharing, then you will gain more visibility. This whole collection of 90 quote images is just $5.00 for personal use.

Use these quotes on your personal blog, author page and social media outlets to grow your relationships, develop meaningful dialogues and get your message out. (Note the size is 403x403 pixels which is perfect for Facebook postings). The image below is the size for all the pictures in the set. You can resize them if you wish as they are squares!


How Can These Memes (Images with Quotes) Be Used?

    Place the images on your own blog, Facebook posts and other social networking pages to build relationships and interactions. The search engines look for websites and pages that are regularly updated. This helps with ranking higher and gaining visibility.
    Sized perfectly for Facebook posts 403 x 403 pixels and can be used on blogs and other social media. Feel free to add your URL or text on the images so when it's shared people will visit your site. My team can also do this for a small fee.
    Quotes fit in with EVERY niche because everyone needs inspiration and motivation. Great for personal pages,coaches, business owners and any profession. Approach people with your heart
    Ask for feedback and comments after the quote and interact. Speak about what matters most and not just the usual postings om what was eaten for dinner or
    Have 3 months of posts by using one a day.
    Stop pulling your hair out searching for uplifting quotes.
    Only Five dollars for 90 gorgeous quote pictures. If you are a social media manager or manage web clients, you can purchase the license for 19.95 to use them on your client sites.

"Can I add my URL or Facebook page at bottom of quote picture for more exposure? Answer- YES"

Please know that if you wish to add your URL or Facebook Page name on the quote picture you may, but the copyright does not transfer to you. It is useful for branding. The license included gives you the rights to use them for your pages, there are NO resell rights to this package and this is for your personal sites and social networking posts.

I have purchased the licenses and extended licenses that allow you to use these images on your blogs and social networking posts. If you are a social media manager or work with multiple clients, you can purchase a license to post the images on your clients' sites. The images themselves however cannot be sold as packages to others.

If you wish for my team to add your URL, Name or Facebook Address at bottom of each quote picture, this can be done for a fee of 30.00 for all 90 pictures. Please contact me at quietmind2000 @ yahoo . com or use contact form HERE

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For $5.00 you'll have 90 quote pictures and no need to search for quotes and content for a few months.

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LEGAL NOTE: I have purchased the rights to use and sell these images to others and have had them designed with quotes from sages. These are for use on your OWN blog and social media pages and cannot be sold to others. If you are a social media manager and wish to use these on client sites, you can click the 19.95 button. They cannot be resold as a package, but you are given permission to post these on your client blogs and social media pages. .