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  • We are redoing our website but have some wonderful free offers for you to help get more traffic plus learn some very helpful info product tips if you wish to create your own product.

    We'll focus on various traffic approaches including social networking, blogging, article writing, creating your own products and affiliate marketing. The emphasis will be on how to effectively get more traffic to your website, service or business.

    One thing I've found helpful is to give away a free ebook or package in order to have people visit your site or subscribe to your newsletter. In fact, one of the bonuses for subscribing is a link to a site with lots of free ebooks with RESELL rights (or you can give them away). I haven't seen so many topics with quality available except for here including weddings, yoga, romance, recipes, pets and crafts. You'll get the link and you do NOT have to join their newsletter to download all the ebooks with resell rights you wish.

    A lot of these also come with sales pages so you can set yourself right away. Whether you are putting your message on your blog, a social networking site, pay per click ads or a forum you'll find something for your target audience. Some gems I've found are a 49 page Fun Crafts Project Ebook, Chess Strategies, A Dog Owners Guide, A Family Finance Planner, Acne Relief (with a cute cover graphic and a sales page too) and psychology , marketing and too many fields to mention.

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